Rumus Rumus Excel Lengkap Bab 1

Rumus Exel ini berguna sekali untuk pengolahan data angka ataupun kata dalam penggunaan aplikasi Excel. Dimana rumus ini bisa mempermudah kita dalam pengolahan data tersebut, untuk lebih jelasnya kita akan kash contoh beberapa rumus seperti dibawah ini :


Contoh dalam kasus seperti dibawah ini :


contoh dalam kasus seperti dibawah ini :


Contoh dalam kasus seperti dibawah ini :

contoh rumus dasar diatas ialah rumus yang biasa dan sering digunakan dalam pengolahan data.


Give Away Redmi Note 5

A Mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. We love our moms for many reasons. All moms deserve to feel special. We know each and every mum is unique, so the way we say thanks this Mother’s Day should be too. It’s time to make her feel special, the woman who claims she never needs or wants anything, but actually loves whenever you show the littlest amount of thought.

How to participate?

Reply to this thread with the first thing that comes to your mind about your Mother.

It may include a word to describe her, an event, a memory with your mother, a quotation, a picture of you and your mother, a song or anything else.

Contest time:

11 May – 14 May, 2018 (Standard Beijing Time)
Winners are announced on or before 20th May.


First Prize: Redmi Note 5 (4GB + 64GB)
(One winner will be chosen from 7%, 20%, 32%, 50%, 68%, 73%, & 94% of the total number of replies, and is encrypted in the file below) (273 Bytes)


1. Only entries with relevant & valid replies are eligible to win the prizes.
2. If the winning reply is invalid/irrelevant, the prize will go to the author of next valid reply.
3. Each user can win only one time in Lucky draw.
4. Each ID can reply 3 times at most.
5. Users with 3 or more violation records to their profile are not eligible to win the first prize
6. Winners once announced are final and won’t be changed.